Since 1963, the Brooke Volunteer Fire Department and the Stafford County community have relied on the passion, dedication, and expertise of those who wish to serve the public. Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter or Emergency Medical Technician requires significant commitment, but comes with great reward. The Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department is a combination department with a need for both dedicated operational volunteers (Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic) as well as non-operational personnel for administrative, office management, and community education initiatives.

Application Process

Stafford County is a hybrid volunteer/career department, all applicants must apply both with Brooke Volunteer Fire Department, as well as with Stafford County Fire & Rescue Department. Once both applications have been submitted, volunteers will attend a Membership Meeting, held on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM. All volunteer paperwork should be brought to the meeting.

The Brooke Volunteer Fire Department application can be completed here or by filling the form out below.

Upon completion of the Stafford County Fire & Rescue application, the administration office will contact the applicant with information regarding background/criminal history check, fingerprinting, DMV history check, etc. Orientation, CPR/HazMat/Radio Training will also be scheduled at that time. All volunteers must attend orientation and its associated training – personnel are not permitted to staff until this has been completed.

The Stafford County Fire & Rescue Department Volunteer application can be found here.

General Volunteer Requirements

Be at least 18 years of age (16 years of age for junior members)

Successfully complete the application process to include:

  • An interview with respective Volunteer Company Chief/President

  • General background check

  • A criminal history record check, including fingerprinting.

  • May be required to complete a random drug screening test.

  • Possession of a valid Virginia Drivers License and excellent driving record (preferred)

  • Obtaining certificates for completion of the identified ICS modules (see below)

  • Physical exam by a Department-provided physician may be required

Required Volunteer Applicant Training

Online ICS modules are provided free-of-charge from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and can be found here. Applicants should complete courses and print the completion certificates to turn in. Each course takes approximately one (1) hour to complete.

The Virginia Department of Fire Programs Online Hazardous Materials Awareness Course is available through the Virginia Online Learning Center. A course completion certificate should be printed to turn in.

Further information on mandatory training can be found here. Stafford County training opportunities can be found here.

Job Description

Volunteer Firefighter – Most volunteer firefighters seek valuable experience in their pursuit of a career in the fire service, and many join to fulfill a need to actively participate in their local communities. Regardless of your reasons, being a member in the fire service is one of the most honored, respected, and rewarding positions in the community! Access a full job description here.

Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician – Most volunteer EMTs seek to serve their communities as emergency responders, and require more flexibility to meet work/life balance needs. Some use this opportuntity as a stepping stone to pursue a career in nursing, medicine, or the fire service. Regardless of your reasons, being a volunteer is one of the most honored, respected, and rewarding positions in the community! Access a full job description here.


Brooke volunteers qualify for many benefits based on active participation in the department’s activities. Some of these benefits include:

  • Training – Members who demonstrate commitment will be provided FREE training, including Fire Academy, EMT Courses, Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC), and many specialized courses.

  • Equipment – We protect our firefighters with the latest in fire protection gear, including hats, helmets, gloves, hoods, coats, pants, and more.

  • Uniforms – All members are provided professional short and long sleeve t-shirts and one pair of boots and pants. Other uniform apparel is available for members to purchase.

  • Social/Community Events – Brooke hosts many communal and social events, such as the monthly pancake breakfast, annual fish fry, Banquet/Officer Installation, cookouts, the annual Christmas party, and more!

  • Personal Property Tax Exemption – Volunteers may have their personal property tax significantly reduced or eliminated on one privately owned vehicle.

Other Information

Further information about joining the Brooke Volunteer Fire Department, please contact info@brookefire.org or by calling the station at (540) 658-5335.