Serving a community with a wide array of needs requires a wide array of vehicles, and a vast technical prowess to operate them. Brooke VFD is proudly home to two ambulances with advanced life support capabilities, an engine, a tanker/engine, a heavy rescue squad, a brush truck, a marine support unit, a fire boat, a zodiac rescue boat, a EMS response vehicle, and a fire command vehicle.

Engine 5 – 2006 Pierce Dash w/ Waterous pump and 1,500gal tank

Rescue 5 – 1995 Pierce Dash w/ Walk-In Heavy Rescue and Amkus tools

Tanker 5 – 2000 Pierce Dash w/ Waterous pump and 2,500gal tank

Brush 5 – 1998 Ford F350 w/ Hale pump and 250gal tank

Boat 5 – 1996 Privateer w/ Mercury Engines and Hale pump

Zodiac 5 – 2005 Privateer w/ Mercury Engines

Ambulance 5 – 1999 Ford F350 w/ Wheeled Coach Type I Ambulance Package

Medic 5 – 2018 Ford F550 w/ Horton Type I Ambulance Package

Chief 5 – 1998 Ford Expedition w/ Custom Command Package

Response 5 – 2018 Chevy Tahoe w/ Custom Command Package

Marine Support Unit 5 – 2006 Ford F350 w/ Custom Water-Rescue Package