Severe Thunderstorm – 25 May 2019

Facing incredibly severe thunderstorms on 25 May 2019, Ambulance 5 was proudly staffed by two senior and two junior volunteers from noon to 2200hrs. Armed with the typical array of medical equipment, as well as several chainsaws and safety equipment, the volunteers ensured the medical needs of Stafford were met during the storm. As junior…
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B101.5 My Hero Monday – FF/EMT Anthony Anderson

My Hero Monday, Powered by Gourmeltz. Todays Hero is EMT/Firefighter Anthony of Spotsylvania, nominated by his Mom. “Most people wait their entire lives to meet their heroes. I raised mine! My son is an EMT for Brooke Volunteer Fire Department and just passed his class to be a certified Firefighter. He has dedicated many hours for his certificates…
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Structure Fire

COM- COMMERCIAL BUILDING FIRE 05182019 @ 2240.Chivalry Road, Berea.E12; E6; E1; E4; M12; BC1; ODC; EMS2; A1; A5; E6B; AC1; LA8; FRTW1; FRE2; OAC; TL4; FM3 Photo Credit: Hartwood Volunteer Firemans’ Association, Inc.

We Remember – Mental Health Awareness 2019

Mental Health is a major concern in the fire service. As part of continuing efforts to raise awareness, the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance has encouraged fire departments across the nation to place their rigs outside their respective stations and turn on their emergency lights for one minute this Friday night, or to stand in their…
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2019 Fish Fry!

Continuing a decades-long tradition to raise money for training, the Brooke VFD invites you to the all-you-can eat Fish Fry located at the firehouse on 4 May 2019!

Newly Released Personnel

Congratulations to EMT Stuart Kimball on completion of his EMT Attendant-In-Charge (AIC) Packet! AIC Kimball has put nearly 500 hours of service into this process, while maintaining his status as a full-time college student, running with another rescue squad near his college, and taking additional EMS operations coursework. AIC Kimball completed his EMT course at…
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Bunkroom Improvements

With the advent of additional staffing, increases in personnel, and overall desire for a better volunteering experience, new bunks have been purchased and are being installed as a part of an overall refresh of the firehouse. We will now be able to accomodate a total of eleven providers every night. This work is being furthered…
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In Memoriam: Chief Norman Brooks

Brooke Volunteer Fire Department would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department Chief Norman Brooks, at the news of his untimely passing. Chief Brooks, who was also a retired Battalion Chief with Spotsylvania County, where he served the community and positively impacted lives for the…
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Burn Laws Go Into Effect

In an ongoing effort to combat wildfires, such as the one that inspired Brooke Volunteer Fire Department to be founded, the Stafford County Fire Marshal’s Office works to enforce local and state regulations that ensure both safety and environmental protection when it comes to open burning. To do this, the Stafford County Open Burn Law…
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Academy Success

We’re very proud to report that our three recruits in the SCFRD Volunteer Fire Academy (Charlie Martin, Anthony Anderson, and Tyler Crouse) are continuing to see tremendous success as a result of their hard work, dedication, and tenacity. Keep up the good work, men!